Alex Nord


"Ahoy!" -Alex Nord, 2022

Thank you for joining me in taking an interest in me! As you may have guessed, this is a website all about the living legend many have referred to as "Alex Nord," but you may find yourself wondering, "Who is this enigmantic man, and how did he find himself with the unfathomable amount of free time that it takes to create a vanity website?" Well, theorize no more, because I am on the very precipice of unveiling the true identity of our dear Alex!

I'll kick things off by mentioning that I'm a he/him pronouns user living in the beautiful little city of Missoula, MT. With that out of the way, and in full compliance with the dictates of late-stage capitalism, I shall signal that my primary identity is my occupation by describing that aspect of my life first!

I'm a researcher in the Wheeler Lab Group, which is a scrappy collection of terrifically brilliant, computationally-minded folks working on problems in the field of biological sequence analysis. My contributions to the group revolve around developing tools to improve sequence analysis by accounting for the role that RNA splicing plays in producing the amino acid sequences that we all know and love. Do I have the best job in the world, or what?

When I'm not writing code, I love putting my energy towards a handful of creative outlets (I take a quantity over quality approach with my interests!). I share my apartment with four guitars, so there's ample shreddage and jammification to be found around these parts. I also dabble in electronic music production, but primarily wind up making weird bass-heavy sounds rather than putting together songs. Outside of music I enjoy doodling, and I have to admit that I've started feeling that unmistakable urge to try my hand at video game design. Speaking of video games, you'd better believe that (as a nerdy gentleman of a certain age) I play more than my fair share!

Are you still reading this? Geez, you just can't get enough (not that I can blame you for your exceptional tastes in narcissistic science idiots)! If you're dying for more high-quality Alex Nord content, don't hesitate to reach out!