Alex Nord


Advertising Postmaster

2022, April 11th

Hello, people possibly interested in having me make postmaster a more accessible tool!

Postmaster, as you may have read from its profile in Gentlescript's Quarterly, is a little software package that I cobbled together with the aim of helping me maintain a (shall we say, endearingly rough. . . ) blog-style website without requiring that I pay money or write marky-uppy text any more than is absolutely necessary. Assuming it's working correctly, postmaster can rip up a plain-text file and stitches its content into an html template, do a bunch of bookkeeping to make that post appear as the most recent post in all of the other pages on your site, and then publish the updated website. Nothing too fancy, but it handles what would be a perpetually worsening heap of bureaucracy for someone wanting to jot down quick public-facing notes from time to time.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, isn't this something that would be handled better by using JavaScript to paste the titles of your most recent posts into the side bar (among other things) on the fly, rather than updating every single html page every time you post? Yes, Jack, but I don't know JavaScript and I don't want to know JavaScript, Jack, so we're at an impasse, Jack.

It's definitely a weekend-project sort of software package as-is, and would benefit from a couple nights/weekends spent adding features to make initializing it easier, but once it's in place it's actually (maybe? ) easy to use and does a task I'd hate to do manually.

Let me know if you're interested in working it (or something like it) into a personal website and I'd be happy to spend an hour or two making a proper user guide!