Alex Nord


On occasion, I've been know to write and contribute research towards fancy-schmancy peer-reviewed articles. Check out anything that strikes your fancy, and remember that by downloading my papers here you're helping me achieve my goal of getting a cease-and-desist letter from a publisher!

A paper by the crew who originally commissioned Mirage. My contribution is minimal, but they're up to some nifty science over there at PhosphoSite!
The original Mirage paper, presented at the 2018 ACM-BCB conference. I describe the core method of Mirage, whereby proteoforms are aligned to one another by way of mapping them back to their genomes, and show that the tool is pretty good at what it does. My first peer-reviewed publication!
Ah, now here's a trip down memory lane: my Reed senior thesis! To sum it up (in a way that would absolutely piss off Alex circa 2014), I propose a model of how propositions are stored in and retrieved from human memory that is roughly analogous to computer storage, and consider some of the implications that this model has on the level of justification attributable to retrieved propositions.